Learn to play a Musical Instrument

Music Tuition

ODM has been providing quality private music tuition for the last 10 years to students aged 4 and upward from the purpose built ODM studio in Trentham, Staffordshire. At ODM, we are determined to prove that music can be for everyone, we have experience teaching a wide range of ages and abilities and we love nothing more than spreading the enjoyment that playing a musical instrument can bring. 

Lessons from beginner, intermediate to advanced, currently available in:

Music Tuition in Staffordshire - Learn to play the Drums with ODM


Music Tuition - Learn to play the Guitar with ODM


Music Tuition - Learn to play the Piano or Keyboard with ODM


Music Tuition - Learn to Play Woodwind Instruments with ODM


Lessons cover a variety of styles, genres and techniques, from Pop, Rock and Funk to Latin American and Jazz, and offer the option of pursuing graded music examinations from boards such as Rock School, LCM and Trinity.

Music Tuition - Half Hour Music Lessons Available

Half Hour Lesson - £13

Music Tuition - Full Hour Music Lessons Available

Hour Lesson - £26

ALL new students receive their first half an hour taster completely FREE- always have and always will!

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” ― Victor Hugo